Through the use of a unique system, which seizes on an independent web search channel, we analyze online conversations, identifying the largest number of influencers, developing derivative metric for the analysis of campaign performance and ultimately spreading the online word-of-mouth reach.
Our analytic tools warn us in real time if new users are talking about a brand. We can thus take
prompt action to answer the user’s questions or reward them if they have proven to be loyal fans.
Integration with social networks enables very fast response times. For the monitoring of the web
and social media presence in a reputational crisis, we guarantee the activation of a dedicated
team which will be operational 24/7.
Following the results of the analysis carried out, thanks to specific experience in the field, we are
able to quickly implement a fast responsive social media strategy in order to protect the image of
the brand and defuse negative flaming.
Timely responsive marketing actions in these cases are essential to protect the image of the brand
and steer the opinion formation flows.




Through geolocation tools we know where our fans (or our detractors) come from. With these instruments we can figure out which areas of the world are more sensitive to the commercial penetration of the brand, succeeding therefore in intensifying social activities in these areas.
The user’s geolocation is obtained through the use of community management software. The analysis resulting from geolocation is crucial to the launch of a campaign or mobile application intended for different areas of the world.
Geolocation enables us to segment users based on their language and country, providing valuable data and analytics for regions, age, languages, influences and tastes.
Furthermore, we swiftly intercept negative comments and rectify them in real time. We can defuse competitors-created online reputation attacks or negative flames wherever they




Are mentions positive or negative? Is the product/campaign being appreciated? What feedback do we get from consumers?
Through a deep expertise in the crossover use of various types of analysis tools we can increase
the metrics available for the evaluation of online initiatives and campaigns to include social media
while assessing interaction changes following the same campaigns, the results of search engine
marketing, banner advertising, actions on social media and so forth.




Through the use of appropriate social tools, of which we are specialists, we conduct a careful analysis of:
> Recurrences related to the brand, its reputation and the sentiment around its products.
> Possible influencers, brand advocates, fans.
The software then enters the data in an analytical database for online brand image management, integrated with other databases available to the company, with an online contact management software that enables us to create a strong focus on consumer and customer tastes.
By adding contacts (social media users as well as other contacts in the various DBs) to the social CRM we can:
Analyze their presence in the network.
Get more information on their profiles.
Monitor real-time social media activities of users, influencers, customers and fans, seizing the opportunity to achieve a more favorable interaction.
We can thus create contact lists that can be implemented at each event, initiative, contact – an audience of targeted users and interested parties to easily manage opinion leaders and implement the capital that will be used for future marketing campaigns.
The software enables us to integrate user-targeted mass-mailing services (DEM), while sophisticated open-source intelligence tracking systems cross over the profiles on the different social networks to understand users’ behaviour and trends.
We need to engage with users from different social networks. Through the use of specific tools we can identify online influencers and include them into the database to be used, for instance, for the effective launch of a campaign.


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