We conceived, developed and viralised the online campaign for Quadro scooter, a new 3- and 4-wheel motorcycle company whose engineers were renowned for designing the famous Piaggio MP3. Through blogs, viral videos and social media, we managed to achieve for this campaign an unprecedented notoriety and expand its word-of-mouth reach.
The videos made and viralized through online PR strategies reached 350,000 views for the main video and 200,000 for the ‘sneak preview’ footage. Within one month, the most influential magazines worldwide and countless online newspapers dedicated ample space to the news.
Quadro produces a new scooter similar to the Piaggio Mp3, but on 4 wheels. There were already rumors on the internet that Piaggio was working on a 4-wheel scooter similar to the Mp3, thus the company wanted to make the most of the fact that users could be looking for the word combination ‘Piaggio 4 wheels’ in search engines such as Google or Bing. Thanks to our positioning techniques, when inputting the words ‘Piaggio 4 wheels’ in Google searches, only videos related to the QUADRO scooter now appear in the results.



270,000 qualitative visits recorded in only 45 days, carried out by leading users interested in the product, with traffic coming from search engines and the main Italian and French blogs.